Join CookConcern team on April the 6th, 2018 to celebrate #CarbonaraDay !

CookConcern invites all its chef community to participate at the second edition of a global-virtual event about one of the most popular recipe worldwide, conceived by pasta associations as Aidepi and IPO.

CookConcern is also glad to announce our collaboration with the chef Umberto Gorizia, Italian Chef Manager.. who is going to review, with a great performance and originality, an iconic and traditional dish that everyone knows, but with unknown roots. The legend tells that Carbonara is a natural evolution of an ancient dish from Lazio, called “cacio e ova” (cheese and eggs) that the coal-workers used to eat in the woods.

Even Barilla, the most famous pasta brand in Italy and in the world, is giving its contribution to make this event great and successful, involving many influencers, testimonials, bloggers, trying to spread contemporary or traditional recipes of Carbonara on its main social networks. We remind you that two years ago chef Umberto Gorizia became one of the finalist at the Barilla Pasta World Championship.

Then #CarbonaraDay is a virtual event, that it is going to include all the italian food lovers, focusing the attention on pasta.

CookConcern invites you to get involved simply by posting your own pictures or a short video during the making of Carbonara recipe on your favourite social channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, putting as keywords, the category hashtag #CarbonaraDay, that is going to be used for the on line event promotion and the hashtag #cookconcern.

You can express all your creativity, making a dish based on your own culinary pasta standards (not only spaghetti), choosing also for a vegetarian Carbonara, land-food Carbonara or seafood Carbonara, like the winner of the last Barilla Pasta World Championship edition.

On Twitter, you can also interact in many conversations about it: which is the perfect recipe and its gourmet variations, with meat, veggies or fish? How does Carbonara, in its versality, lend itself to using local ingredients? and many others..

Finally, you can connect yourself to the live Facebook event organized by Aidepi on 6 April, by clicking on the link:

We hope you will contribute in many, demonstrating again with CookConcern your culinary art and your passion for Italian Cuisine wherever you are in the world today !