The BioSing creations come from a centuries-old tradition of Ribnica, where men used to travel to far places to sell their wooden wares. Of course, they wanted to eat well, so they were taking the best with them they had: home sausages, that were carefully produced with old, natural drying and curing techniques, and 500 years ago there were no artificial preservatives.


David Lesar talks about BioSing


David, using the same traditional methods for over 500 years – Why is sticking to traditional methods so important for you?

I had the privilege of learning these traditional methods from the very beginning, as I was helping with the chores at the farm. We are now aware that only these traditional methods can lead to making a healthy and tasty product that will make us feel good and that is why I am sticking to these methods.



BioSing – an unusual name. What does “BioSing” stands for?

I see the name BioSing as an abbreviation for Bio Salami Engineering, as the production has been re-engineered from scratch: from the careful selection of the meat, through attentive processing until the final touches, the presentation and the tasting.

…and it also contains the word ‘sing’, it makes your taste buds sing after much of the food around is processed, emptied of taste and meaning.


Pre-Maturation, Smoking and Drying/Maturation are some steps that lead to these highest-quality, unique products. Please give us a short overview how the products are made. How can I imagine a life cycle of a BioSing creation? 

We are processing only at the right time (waning moon), as it is critical for the proper ripening of the meat before stuffing the casings. Once the meat has been carefully prepared, ridded of all the connective tissues, the meat is diced (not ground) and prepared for the first phase of ageing. Then the filling is prepared and stuffed. We move the products to our underground clay ripening rooms. The products are dried, slightly smoked with cold smoke and left to age and dry some more.

There are two phases of ageing: first in clay chambers for five to six months, after which every single salami is skinned and cut to check that everything is OK and then vacuum-packed. The salamis continue to ripe in the vacuum-sealed bags as well, by being kept at the right temperature. So, our salamis come to the market only after a year.



Especially gourmets highly appreciate your premium selection products. Why do you think they do?

I think they recognise the authentic, pristine taste of ripe meat with no additives, which is often lost in some products. Making sure that quality is kept at its highest at every step and our specific maturing underground in clay chambers do play critical role, I think.


No additives and amplifiers are used. Why?

It is the only right thing to do. It is the only way to make healthy products, food with a soul and for the soul. Since the entire processing is absolutely natural, we even dare to emphasize it by having WITHOUT ANY ADDITIVES printed in large letters on every single product. The BioSing products are not only top-quality food that come with a great tasting experience, but actually have healing effects.


For such a premium product, it is necessary to choose the right meat. Where do you get your meat from?

We source pork and beef from a few selected breeders we have been cooperating for quite a while now and they know our requirements and standards very well. We are buying venison directly from the local hunting clubs, since we live in a part of the country with pristine nature and the largest population of wildlife in Slovenia.



What is your secret of success? What sets you apart from other producers?

Hmmm, our approach, our philosophy, I guess, because it is so different from that of many butchers or meat producers, as our story grew out of a hobby and a lengthy, continuous development over more than a decade. We actually made it to the market by chance. Some selected natural winemakers from Slovenia and Italy are producing macerated white wines or orange wines and they seen some added value in our products.

So, they started inviting us to their events in Italy, Austria and the response was overwhelming. So, we started working on the whole thing, we continued developing the products, I have enrolled to study food processing and specialised in meat science and meat processing.


What do you love most about your product? What does make you proud?

Probably the greatest satisfaction is presenting our products to people who are famed and successful in the world of gourmet food and pleasantly surprising them with our products and our approach.



How do you meet your own high standards of quality and taste? What guarantees your traditional dried meat products to be second to none?

The most important decision was to shun all the shortcuts of industrial mass production and stick rather to the traditional methods, which I have upgraded with the most recent findings of food science. I am always focused on quality and I am personally involved in all the processing phases, because you have to be very careful and precise. If you want to make products with no additives or preservatives, you have to comply with the highest standards.



Could you share with us some recipe with dried meat products?

There is no doubt that our products can be used in gourmet dishes by top chefs. They can even be combined with fish or desserts. We have also developed special tasting boards, wooden trays that allow our products to release their flavours at their best during tasting. It also a tribute to the age-old and rich local tradition of wooden wares, which is where our products came from.



We always love to see such local, artisan and handmade producer like you are one. Local and seasonal are becoming increasingly important topics for chefs all over the world. Do you have any local cooperation with a restaurant or chef?

We definitely do. You cannot find our products in shops or markets. In Slovenia we only supply selected restaurants. So, we cooperate with Hiša Franko, whose main chef Ana Roš was named World’s Best Female Chef 2017 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. But, as we have a complex and precious product and the Slovenian market being very small, we are expanding abroad.


Why do you think top chefs rely on your products?

I think they are firstly impressed by the tasting experience and notice the personal approach, something made from the heart and the soul. There are many other elements apart from our story, our image, our philosophy or the quality that make our products stand out. We have decided to combine bear meat in some of them and this is particular. In our area we have the largest population of brown bears in Europe, so that is also part of our story. And then we talk a lot about the ways we make things. Once people see how we process the meat, they understand the value.


Thank you very much, David!


BioSing also joined the network Cook Concern and is to be found in the market place. Check the profile for more information.

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