Ben Mariner, chef to celebrities, billionaires and Worldwide royalty opens The Online Pastry School to teach the next generation of pastry chefs from anywhere in the world.


How would you describe your cooking style and the philosophy behind it? Do you have a motto?

I like to keep myself from getting set in my ways too much so I embrace all types of food and influences. My training however was modern and classic British food so my dishes tend to be classic British flavours presented with a fresh new look. The motto I use alot when training new staff and the one I live by is a quote by Antoine de saint-Exupery: Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


Have you established any amazing cooking techniques? Are there awards?

I haven’t established any new techniques that have been award worthy as yet, but constant testing with new products and ingredients always give new and exciting results at our The Online Pastry School test kitchen in Greenwich.


Which easy recipes could you outline for us (ingredients, preparation) that represent your work that you think we should try?

Most of the recipes we work on at the school require some form of chefy mould or tool, however on the website we have a library of videos dedicated to home cooking with my best recipes on things such as brownies, banana bread and cookies.


Which of your latest creations would you like to share with us?

My latest creation is the attached picture, a modern take on an apple crumble with walnut and apple blossoms. The full recipe blog is here:


Which culinary trends do you see going on in the world today? How much do trends influence you or inspire you?

Food is just like fashion and there is always new trends, especially now with social media influencers there are always thousands of chefs to take inspiration from. The most prominent trends though would have to be the veganism and allergies, they have changed the way we cook and think about food. Every time you create a new dish you have to be thinking about how you can adjust it to suit everyone as much as you can.


What would you do as a chef if money was not an issue for a year?

In 2015 I travelled across Asia with a backpack finding new ingredients and techniques which was an amazing and inspiring experience and a lot of that influence pops up in my desserts.


If you were to write a cookbook, what would it be about?

My cookbook would be something that included different diets into Michelin quality desserts so that chefs in high quality restaurants would be able to adjust what they are doing to everyone without compromising on quality.


Can you describe what you are working on at the moment?

So at the moment I’m working on a new online pastry school for teaching pastry chefs how to take their dishes to the next level. We have video courses on everything from chocolate to croissants and also plenty of free recipes, tips and videos to help take desserts to new heights.


Thank you Ben!