The world of cocktails keeps on trend in the bars and the creative works of bartenders and mixologists have been evolving towards concepts that are signed as author or design cocktails.


It is not only mixing exact amounts of alcohol, the decoration gives personality to the glass. Therefore, we have sought ideas to awaken your imagination and so you know how to start.



Fruits and wild fruits

Lemon, for example, is the most common fruit to decorate a drink, as well as giving it flavor and giving off the citrus aroma, it goes well with vodka, rum and gin.

Pineapple, is the tropical fruit that we usually see in the piña colada, without peel in a corner of a long or large glass.

Wild fruits are juicy, sweet  and sometimes a bit acid, they go well with white liqueurs like gin.


The edible flowers are very showy, colorful and pretty in the glasses, look for the ones that are not very big and of course, as fresh as possible, because if they are withered it can get to spoil the beverage.

The ones you usually see are the Cornabria Blossom, jasmine flower, apple blossom, carnation of the poets, the zucchini flower, among others that are not only used for drinks but also for jams, cookies, etc.



Beyond cinnamon, vanilla or mints, which are more typical spices, there are new proposals for herbs such as cardamom leaves, which have cinnamon and sweet flavor, and can even be used for maceration. Also, another option, are the Kaffir Lime leaves, a sweet citrus, ideal to infuse.


Sticks or umbrellas

They are fun accessories that not only have the purpose of decorating but also works as a utensil to stir the drink. Some professionals think that these objects can vary the flavor of the drink if they are made of plastic or wood.



Colored Ice

The colored ice works with a led light inside a plastic cube that makes the shape of the ice, just by submerging it in the drink, it becomes a show.



Surely you’ve seen a blue gin in some bar and you’ve wondered why it has that color. It is a trend that is growing and is due to syrups or colorants, extracts of cherry, strawberry, grape juice, and cream of mint. Although in the case of the intense blue color is not due to a colorant but on the contrary is the result of the reaction that has the Thai flower called butterfly pea, with some citrus.



Rim a glass

The margaritas and the bloody marys are the most popular cocktails that usually have rimmed the glass with salt.

For this salty technique, it is necessary to moisten the rim of the glass with lemon juice or lime and salt and if it were the case of sugar rim, first moisten the rim with liquor and then with sugar. Then let it dry and put it in the fridge, so that it stays frosty.


Write down these tips, it will be exciting the next time you prepare a drink.