History: The Association of Chefs as a Guild Organization was established in our country in 1903. It was connected to similar unions around the world, recognized as a representative of the profession. He had already taken an important place in society; concluding contracts for organizations and individuals, often crossing the borders of the state. The guild had contacts with food and beverage companies, as well as with factories supplying gastronomy equipment; its experts tested new products, recommended their utilization, etc. The Association dealt with professional education, defended the interests of its members and did not forget even the social and cultural field of activity.

The Association of Czechoslovak Chefs and Confectioners restored its activities in 1990 and, after the division of the Czech Republic, was founded in 1993 as the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of the Czech Republic – AKC ČR.

At present, AKC brings together 800 chefs and confectioners from all over the Czech Republic. This modern community builds on historical tradition, deals with gastronomy in its broader context and supports all forms of cooperation that lead to its main goals. Among other things, it organizes gastronomic events for its members and experts – professional lectures, seminars and trainings, nationwide competitions and competitions with international participation, exhibitions and other cultural events. Tradition has already been held by contests such as the Chef of the Year, Confectioner of the Year, Gastro Junior or Gastro Hradec or the gastronomic and social show of the St.Vavrinec Celebration. The national representative teams – senior and junior – and regional teams of the AKC CR, are regularly participating in international cookery and confectionery competitions, and they hold the 16th place in the world ranking.

Who can become a member of the AKC CR

physical persons over 18 years of age, chefs and confectioners trained in the field, graduates of vocational schools and other persons engaged in gastronomic activities in the past, present or future, or who sympathize with this activity colleges of schools, businesses or institutions. New members of the association accept regional branches based on written applications. The approval of a new member is subject to the payment of a membership fee for the relevant year.

National team

The National Chef and Pastry Team of the Czech Republic is working under the auspices of the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of the Czech Republic, which aims to create adequate conditions for the promotion and development of modern gastronomy. The team started working in 2000.

Team members are selected from the best experts in their field. They have proven their expertise and skills in national and international games where they have won the top medals.

Composition of the international team:

Jan Horký

Team captain

Tomas Popp

Team Manager

Norbert Hojda

Chef Restaurant Pub Home Liberec

Petr Vlásek

Chef of restaurant Avantgarde

Martin Svatek

Chef Hotel Nautilus Tábor

Pavlína Klopfštoková

Head teacher of vocational training SŠŘaS Děč

Pavel Minář

Expert gastronomic consultant

Martin Pudil

Chef of restaurant Červená Lhota

Patrik Bečvář

Chef Hotel Selský Dvůr – SIVEK HOTELS

Kateřina Štěpánková

International Cooperation Manager