Araz Ahmadov – a young Chef – who is ready to represent his motherland worldwide. Azerbaijani Araz Ahmadov was born in 1982 in southern Azerbaijan and graduated Culinary school.


Araz Ahmadov – Executive Chef PMD Hospitality Group


The beginnings of becoming a Chef with international status

Taking into consideration the love for kitchen I decided to be a chef despite the desires of my father. I was so into this subject at school that getting more insight about culinary was enjoyable for me.

I mastered this career with love. At those times living far away from my friends seemed to me difficult. I wanted to be a Chef with international status. That was my purpose in my career. At Culinary school one professor advised me to go abroad.

He said to me: ‘Go and show me what you can do in this profession’.


Going abroad – first stop Moscow

And the first city I visited was the capital of Russia – Moscow. Since I was a student of famous chef, Moscow allowed me to start working in the kitchen. From that very day a ‘real kitchen’ started for me. In order to become a culinary expert in there, besides cooking you needed knowledge. They paid attention to their recipes, as well as to eating healthy. A culinary expert could not deny his emotions and passion. I just was working.



Working extra hours pays off

In order to gain more insight, I was working extra hours. I worked for that restaurant for a few years. After that the owner of the restaurant launched another restaurant in different city and in the kitchen of that restaurant I started my career as a young culinary expert.

From that day I started to lead a ‘real kitchen’ and to prepare recipes on technic cards. First steps in my career were successful and increased my self-confidence. Culinary is an art and it is a deep profession.



Azerbaijani cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine is very famous and has a longway tradition. It takes its beginning from aincent times and has been taught from generation to generation. Nowadays, our culinary experts try to keep the taste and traditions of local kitchen, as well as to reveal their taste in dishes. Hence, all the traditional cuisine transfers into modern taste through the classical taste of our memories.



Participating in competitions

Currently, I prepare a new cuisine with the seafood of Caspian Sea. I have participated in a number of Culinary competitions. My first competition was in Russia and I gained my first success in that championship.

My participation in the championship was motivated by my friends and colleagues. Final results gave me first results through the challenging process of cooking. In the beginning of championship we were competing with black boxes full of secret materials. I was fortunate as one of my favourite material for cooking was in the box.

At the same time, for a few years I have been given a lot of medals and achieved high results. In 2018 I was given the status of the Best Chef in Europe and this is not a small achievement for me and our chefs at all.


Conclusion and outlook

Today, we got used to see Chefs on TV and magazines, but that is it. I reckon that to be a Chef is not merely a profession, I believe in combining professionalism with love. Even while resting during evening hours I think about new menus. Thinking about new menus and new dishes is relieving for me.

I have already achieved the place I desired and at the moment, I am working as an Executive Chef for a foremost hotel. I can even consider my job as a hobby on which I can earn money. Generally, taste and esthetics are important for a chef and both of them create a dish.