Executive Chef Andy Gaskin about always looking for new and exciting opportunities to fascinate guests with a hands on approach to push boundaries of culinary expectations and a “thinking out the box” attitude!


Cook Concern: Today you are Executive Chef on Anguilla with a lot of international Executive Chef positions and experience. When did it all start? Where does your passion for cooking come from?

Andy Gaskin: Started at an early age in London and had a strong desire to travel around the world.


Which cooking school did you visit?

I studied under Professor Hubert in Slough College UK.


With Starwood Hotels you worked many years as Executive Chef in Malta. Besides from the general Mediterranean kitchen – what makes the kitchen in Malta so special?

It is just like the country, its been influenced over the years by all the different cultures that have occupied the island.


As an Executive Chef you worked as well in Thailand and China. In what sense did this time influence your way of cooking still today?

I like the adversity of Asian cuisine, it was a real eye opener.


As you have a lot of international experience working as an Executive Chef and the fusion kitchen becomes more and more popular – do you offer as well fusion dishes?

No here on the resort we offer fine dining Anguillan cuisine, Italian by Cipriani, Peruvian tapas cuisine.



In Croatia you spent more than 3 years as a Cluster Executive Chef, where you have been in charge for four hotels, one leading hotel of the world and best luxury five star hotel in Croatia. Was this more an manager job or did you still have time to cook and create own dishes?

I supported all my kitchens in a consultancy role and then cooked and created on the Chefs Table experience and the Artist meets Chef art project.


Previous working as an Executive Chef at Bora Bora and your today’s position as Executive Chef at Anguilla (Carbic), you are working at a small paradise island. Since your guests are international: What is your culinary line? What do you offer your quests?

As i mentioned before a kaleidoscope of cuisines, with the emphasis on the fine dining Anguillan cuisine ….traditional recipes deconstructed and presented in a modern artistic way.


What are some of the local Anguillan specialties which you offer as Executive Chef? 

A signature dish is the …After the Storm …dedicated to the strong people of Anguilla after the Storm Irma visited the island, you need to visit to taste the dish.


How would you describe your own cooking style line as Executive Chef today?

Adverse and flexible, i adjust to my surroundings …the real emphasis is on fresh local ingredients with a seasoning of creativity.


What are your most and less favourite ingredients?

I love seafood and i am not too keen on truffles.



Can you share some of your Andy Gaskin typical recipes with us?

Yes sure in the future…haha!


What is the best about being a chef?

I have the opportunity to create memories and hopefully enhance peoples experience whenever they visit the locations i am in.


If you could choose any place in the world you have not been yet, where would you like to work as a chef for some time?

I think i have been to most of the places i wanted to work in, i have been very lucky in that sense but i suppose i would like to return back to Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda one day.


Thank you very much, Andy Gaskin!