Award-winning, progressive culinary professional with over 15 years of experience in establishments that include a world-class resort and several upscale Hotels in Brazil. Unique blend of creative flair and passion for food, strong business sense and engaging interpersonal skills. Strong record of streamlining operations and improving service while preserving the highest levels of quality. Natural ability to create enthusiastic, productive working environments with customer-oriented professionals. Highly skilled at performing financial analysis, troubleshooting operations and recommending effective cost controls.


Today your work as Executive Chef at MARRIOTT NEW YORK DOWNTOWN. That sounds like what you wish to achieve as a cook😊. Is that so?

Yes, since I began my career long time ago, I always looked over to be a chef on a Great company Like Marriott and have an opportunity to work in a city witch is consider as WORLD CAPITAL…..


You graduated from UNISINOS University (Brazil) with degrees in Hospitality and Business Management. How deep are your culinary roots in Brazil today?

I left Brazil almost 20 years ago, but I still have relations and exchange experiences with chefs there.


You started your career with Marriott over 15 years ago. A special loyalty to Marriott as employer?

Marriott is a huge, complexity and wonderful company and a great contributor for all my achievements on my career.


You have culinary experience with luxury my properties in Brazil and abroad. In spite of all the different countries, what unites the kitchens of Marriotts Hotels? Working at so many different properties all over the World enrich my acknowledgment on all kinds of kitchen style and culinary cultures. What makes New York work for you as a cook especially here?

New York is great market, with so many challenges, but always have a opportunities for any chef show out his skills and personalities.


New York is a culinary hot spot, with many trends and influences. How can you transfer that to a certain degree to your kitchen/menu?

Our daily guest are very select and always looking for new trends. As a chef we need to able to bring to the table different food options and upscale solutions to be able to keep them tighten on our business.


New York has an endless number of good restaurants. How do you keep the level/ how do you assert yourself over and over again?

I use to create and develop good network, is always necessary that you went out and participate on all the food trends, festival fairs etc.. Our chain also is have great resources , we have opportunity to meet our chefs and change feedback and share what is going on in any another hotel. Im also have been activity participate of Culinary associations like ” LES AMIS D’ESCOFFIER SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, Where once a month I meet all the most important chef of New York and we have a dinner together always on different location hosted by specific chef each time.


How hard is it to make a cook career in New York?

Time is crucial, since the city is so big , some time you spend a lot of time just try to relocate yourself around different places.


Thank you Andre!