Andoni Luiz Aduriz, one of the most inspiring chef of our time, with two Michelin stars, has presented his book “Mugaritz. Puntos de fuga”.


By Fabiola Gálvez


Just as we’ve come to expect from Andoni, the presentation has been unusual. The lights turned down, and in the background we began to hear “Take and eat all of it, if you come in the name of curiosity, if you are hungry and thirsty for experiences, for it is written that man does not live by bread alone, well a bit of lobster never hurts (…) ».


And then, Andoni began to shared out communion wafer to everyone, until at the end he asked as if he were a parish priest talking to his parishionerst. «Have you all already received Communion?»


The communion wafer was “texture communion: iced hake and garlic cream”. A cold snack with crushed hake in the shape of wafer and garlic, much garlic flavor, on a white cloth napkin folded in four parts. «To break the ice», says Andoni.


«Mugaritz. Puntos de fuga is a book that looks to the challenges of the future, draws the present, and is full of doubts, dreams, challenges, as Mugaritz has always been in some way».


“When they teach you to cook and you interpret a menu, the starting point is the product, but Mugaritz reached a point where the conception of a dish does not start from an ingredient or a technique or a preparation, what interested us is to make a dish from a concept, and these are the vanishing points ».


«For example, a snack that has to do with communion. From there you begin to draw a different possibility in today’s world ».


The chef refers to these stories when he says that “there is a sixth taste, the flavor of the stories”. In this new publication of 294 pages, Mugaritz invites to break molds and narrates in an intimate story how he lives the gastronomy, and how he makes creativity the best vanishing point to project his ideas. It is a reflection of his 21 years of experience, where he shares with the readers his wisdom, his questions, his dreams and also criticisms he has received from his restaurant.



He also comments that there are very curious things in the book, there are no pictures of the kitchen, or the dining room, or pictures of the dishes.


«When someone says to you: “look at the dishes”, we associate it with the food and the crockery, but here there is no crockery, the background is to put in the foreground the materiality that grasp the idea, where is the plating?, in an emptiness because we do not want the idea to be closed».

Likewise, he asks 5 questions to readers in the form of chapters: Do you rebel or do you obey? Is this good? Who is in the kitchen? Anyone there? Where is the exit? It also contains 50 photographs of recipes in which there is no crockery, they consists in a white background where food is the main protagonist. There are 42 images and 22 sketches has everything or nothing to do with food, and also a glossary, where chef claims that “reflects our world very well, in 10 years it will be very relevant”. It is a great book that invites the reader to open their minds and be carried away by the imagination with theses edible stories.


“Mugaritz. Puntos de fuga”

Author: Andoni Luis Aduriz

Hard cover: 21.6 x 27.5 cm.

294 pages

Publisher: Planeta Gastro

RRP: € 48.90

Language: Spanish and a limited edition in English.