Anantara Siam, the First Hotel to Serves Beyond Meat in Bangkok

In an innovative move for Bangkok’s healthy eating scene, Anantara Bangkok Hotel became the first hotel in the city to offer the world-popular beef alternative “Beyond Meat” back in October 2019. We recently spoke with Jan Van Dyk, the executive chef of Anantara Siam, about his vision for serving this sustainable and nutritious plant-based “meat”—free from GMOs, soy or gluten—for the delight of diners at the hotel’s four venues.


When did Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel start serving meat alternatives to your customers?

We introduced Beyond Meat in October 2019, first by serving “Beyond Sausage Rolls” in the Mocha & Muffins coffeeshop, and then shortly after we also introduced “Beyond Burgers” in some of our other restaurants, Aqua, The Lobby, and The Terrace.


What outlet do you have dishes with meat alternatives serving at?

We serve plant-based menu items in Biscotti, Madison, Mocha & Muffins, The Lobby and Aqua, as well as on our banqueting menus.


Who are your customers who order dishes with Beyond Meat products most? What do they expect and their feedback on it?

There is a great awareness of alternative proteins and it is welcomed by both Thais and foreigners, with very positive feedback from our diners. They are willing to try it, and often comment that it is not as “heavy” as eating a meat burger and that the taste is surprisingly good.

Is there any challenge for a big hotel to work with Beyond Meat products and any other slaughter-free meats?

No, not at all. It was quite easy for us to adapt to it and also to get creative with the products.

Since the Bangkok lockdown restriction’s out, we’ve seen your sister hotels like Avani rolled out online cooking videos with vegan recipes. Is there something big about vegan or plant-based stuff from Anantara and Avani to stay tuned in the near future?

We always strive to be the leaders in new food trends and our diners can indeed expect more innovative introductions on our menus in the future.

We continuously strive to keep up to date with new products on the market and, as with many growing trends, there are very good products coming to market. Personally, I am very intrigued by salmon alternatives that are said to be available in the not too distant future.


How do you see plant-based cuisine in Bangkok? Is Thailand still behind the world movement on vegan/plant-alternatives?

If we focus on plant-based food as vegan cuisine, it is going to take a long time to catch up. We are selling the alternative food products as an alternative meat and protein as it is a viable option to eat healthier. The meat has greater or equal protein levels than animal counterparts, and with no cholesterol, less saturated fat and no antibiotics or hormones.


Personally, are you a big fan of dishes cooked with meat alternatives? And why?

I find it very interesting, but I am also weary as I am not a fan of having too many chemicals and products added to make food taste good. It is good to learn about it and be creative with it, and that is part of any chef’s ambition to be creative and make a good product taste great.


Can you give us the name of your favorite vegan dish you like at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel? How is it good and how do you like Anantara’s customers to try?

I love our plant-based tacos and, once the current situation is better and we can move around freely again, diners should come and try it.