Abdallah Outa: Cluster Executive pastry chef in Nigeria. Read about him here.

What drove you to become a pastry Chef?

I am driven by a passion that was born out of curiosity. Becoming what you have always dreamed of being gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. The beauty and creativity of culinary perfection breathe new life into me and it feels new every day. Everything around me inspires creativity and growing up moulded it.
My father was an instrumental part of m becoming a pastry Chef! Waking up before sunrise in the ancient city of Baalbek was divine, picking up mint, plucking figs, gathering freshly laid eggs for breakfast and harvesting fruits to make jam.
I have a no recollection of anything that inspired me to become a pastry Chef like growing up with my father. It set the stage for my culinary career.

Which Pastry Schools did you visit to become a pastry chef?

Ecole Bellouet Conseil paris / Atelier des Arts du Sucre belfort (stephan klein).

You are working already more than 8 years as cluster Executive pastry chef at Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos Nigeria, the mega city of Africa. From a pastry chef points of view, what makes Lagos/ Nigeria so special?

Truth is Lagos is a unique city and life cannot be compared to living anywhere else. It is truly an adventure; the smallest state in Nigeria, yet the most populated, even more populated than the capital city Abuja.
From a pastry Chef’s point of view, the city has offered me a quality array of well-travelled and exposed residents who know how to live the good life and appreciate paying to experience the luxury of treating themselves to the good life.
Great food and quality dining experience is something the elite in Lagos (which I consider a blend of real elite / aspiring middle class) crave and will spend anything for.
There are a lot more international standard chefs & pastry chefs coming into the country as more fine dining restaurants and pastry shops are opening. It is an exciting space and one that has birth room for healthy culinary competition.

You claim is dedicated to innovation. As pastry chef, what are some of your latest innovations?

Latest trend in Lagos Kitchen/ pastry chef scene?

You would find a lot of people love sweets but are tending towards healthy eating now as well. So a good blend of savouring indulgence with healthy option is the new trend in my opinion. After all the market determines the direction a brand goes.

Lots of chefs dream of/ open their own restaurants. As pastry chef are there the same possibilities?

Of course this is a possibility and in fact one that I am looking forward to opening in the very near future. I would make mine different though.
It would not be just about sweets, fondant, crepes and crème brulee. I urge you to watch this space as it would be delivering a perfect blend of my best recipes in small doses out of love and passion that I have perfected over my 19 years driving my curiosity and innovation to tease every single one of your taste buds.

Thank you for your time.