Abbishek Bhagat is executive chef for Evolve Back – Orange County Resorts in Kabini. Read a great and exciting interview here and find out what it’s like to work in an exclusive resort.


After many different great chef jobs, you work today as Executive Chef for Evolve Back – Orange County Resorts in Kabini, Karnataka, India. How did your chef career started/ why did you become a chef?

My first cooking experience was helping my Mom when I was 10 year old and could not stop helping her with help in kitchen as she got a big cut in her hand, Though I enjoyed helping her as there was lot of Action in kitchen.

Where does your passion for cooking comes from?

My father is great cook and he is the one who introduced us to different cuisine of the world when he cooked some special dishes on weekend for my entire family. Though He is Mechanical Engineer by profession. He always say cooking creates instant happiness in this world.

Which cooking school did you visit?

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad.


The traditional Indian kitchen: Is there any way to describe it in one sentences?

Legacy ” It is Like an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.” there is so much all ready existing that one lifetime is not enough to learn and experience all of it.


How does the Indian kitchen changed over the last years?

Indian kitchen didn’t change at all but the preferences of people changed, Ingredient changed and new technology had bit commercialised what so originally was a love of Mothers, Sisters and “Khansama” of Kings.


How is the Indian kitchen as well influences from outside, such as from Asia…?

Though there is lot Donne on this influences but a palatable food will be the final choice for satisfying the hunger of a Indian at Heart.

What are some of the trends/ developments you see in the culinary world of India?

There is lot more research and work required to be Donne on Indian food there are plenty of untouched dishes, Authentic food of yogis and Ayurveda just for example, Tribal food of India which is actually the origin of all regional cuisine is still remained untouched.


Lots of foreign chefs would like to learn more about the Indian kitchen. Are there courses for foreign chefs in India, where they can study the Indian kitchen?

Currently I don’t see any courses on Indian food only but it is availble as part of curriculum in all the leading Hotel Management institute, Real learning will be working as Intern in famous old kitchen of india.


As more foreign chefs are interested to work as chef in India, is it complicate to find a chef job in India these days?

Off course Hospitality industry Growth is unstoppable in Last decade and there are lot to explore.


As Executive Chef for Evolve Back – Orange County Resorts in Kabini, Karnataka, India; what is the culinary set up there?

We are All inclusive Luxury theme resort based on Kuraba Tribal theme and so we are committed to provide the most close to Nature experience in terms of food, cuisine and unique dining.


What are some of Karnataka’s local specialities you prepare in a special way?

I am offering a full menu based on researched food on “Kadu Kuraba Cuisine” at my restaurant kuruba Grill.


How would you describe your own culinary style today?

I am trying my level best to present the dishes of ethnic world balancing between classical and contemporary dining.


Where do you get your inspirations for new creations from?

From the detail history , research & development as well as from the beauty of the excellence which is present i the ingredients itself in there natural habitat.


What are some of the less known spices you use at your cooking?

“Kachampulli” ” Marathi Mogu” and varieties of local chillies.


And which less known vegetables?

” Kappa””Doddapatre Leaves” “Gongura leaves” lot more of organic varieties which we are growing here in our organic farm.

What are some of your unique cooking techniques?

Cooking in wooden fire pit “Pit Roast” a very ancient type of Indian tribal cooking.


If you would have the time to come up with a culinary book about India; what would it be about?

I would like to write about healing food of India.


Any place in the world you would be interested to work as a chef one day?



Thank you Abbishek.


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