At 21 years of age, Ezequiel Álvarez Barroso as a short and very successful career behind him. The young Catalonian who won the Tapas competition at Madrid Fusion 2018, won last year’s V. “Promises of Haute Cuisine Prize Cordon Bleu”: An unbeatable opportunity, continues to learn and improve in order to keep advancing on the demanding path of haute cuisine.

An interview about the past, present and future with a young chef whom we will most likely be hearing a lot more about.


 A chef’s portrait:  Ezequiel Álvarez Barroso


Ezequiel, how do you express yourself through gastronomy?

For me, gastronomy is a tool to express my personality. I like creating new dishes or putting my own spin on food, surprising friends and family. The life of a chef where there are high expectations is hard, you find yourself working more than 11 hours a day and there is not much time to find for yourself.


Can you remember your first day in a professional kitchen?

Of course! It was a grill restaurant in the mountains. I was already looking to gather as much work experience as I could even before I was 16. I worked in the cold kitchen and after service was over, I had to wash dishes with a very small machine and in a very specific illogical manner. It took a toll on my back and was a hell of a job but I loved it. I learned, and it was all worth it.



Although you have a short career behind you, you have already put several awards under your belt (11 in total). What significance do these holds for you?

Competitions are a way for me to showcase my talents. I love to challenge myself and the process of tackling those challenges. I enjoy sitting down to think and sketch out new dishes, to taste them and explore different techniques… to search out the best ingredients for the best products I use.


You have won (among others) the “Promises of Haute Cuisine Prize Cordon Bleu“ award. That is a scholarship to complete a program at the Cordon Bleu headquarters in Madrid. How was that experience?

As far as my education goes, it is without a doubt the best experience of my life. I have often heard the saying: “You need to search for the path of excellence” or excellence is a habit… I like to work on my weak points. I was able to improve immensely and learn a great deal while studying at Le Cordon Bleu.


Did the experience alter your perception of haute cuisine?

Yes, completely. I especially pay more attention to perfection and emphasizing the small details. That really makes the difference.


You have worked in different regions of Spain. What are the differences between the regions in what they offer gastronomically?

Yes, I’ve worked in Marbella, Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona City and its surrounding region. What you get really depends on the vision of the chef and what they offer. Personally, I really like to go out for tapas and getting to know the traditional dishes of the area.



In your opinion, what are the current trends in the country?

I think signature cuisine is growing rapidly and with it the competition as well.


It is often said that whoever wants to make a name for themselves in the world of gastronomy needs to work in different countries. Which country or cuisine would you like to get to know more of?

I am kind of set on diving deeper and getting to know the Spanish cuisine and then travel the world and experience what is out there. I’d love to travel through the whole of Europe, also Australia and North and South America. At the least I want to complete my apprenticeship in haute cuisine first. Ultimately, I will do a stage at the Celler de Can Roca (Spain) and then I will travel the world.


Which chefs are a role model for you?

Daniel Humm, Joan Roca, Ferran Adrià and Andrea Tumbarello.



Last question: What would your own restaurant look like?

It would be a gastronomic realm that seeks to put the guest at ease with a fusion of technology and product, with my own style and after my travels through the best restaurants in the world.


Thank you, Ezequiel! We wish you success in the future!


Ezequiel’s culinary journey is impressive! Where have you been? Where do you want to go?
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