The Kranzbach, a 5-star wellness hotel, has been a top holiday and vacation spot since its opening in germany. Nestled into nature and harmony, exercise and wellness is also the kitchen’s philosophy and a corner for their success. Staying true to these principles is just as vital as the ongoing development of the concept.


Right out of the gate, with purchasing and ordering product, a great deal of attention is given to the relationship between the different foods and the surrounding region. Through short transport routes -as seasons permit- the “Globalized foods market” pumping product out the whole year, is carefully avoided. Products exclusively of the highest quality, proven origins and animal well-being are used and alongside the noble filet pieces, all other parts that can possibly be used are also processed. This philosophy definitely has its challenges as executive chef Gregor Marx reports: “Our regional producers, due to their size and structure, usually don’t have the amount of foods that we need here. So this requires an enormous planning effort for us. On top of that, many of these products are often many times more expensive than from outside the region so we need to pay a lot of attention to our usage just as much as regionality.


 „Any trimmings or peelings are collected and put into good use.“ – Gregor Marx


Chef Gregor continues: “Also, we are sometimes presented with hurdles from our guests. Although we try to process all parts of an animal sometimes the guests are reluctant to accept that and so we need to tread slowly. However, from oxtail to beef cheeks, liver to sweetbreads, our fare still does very well. However, we don’t focus solely on animal holistic usage but also on produce etc. Any trimmings or peelings are collected and put into good use and anything that can not directly be utilized in our kitchen goes to the compost at the edge of our herb garden.

Two other features of the Kranzbach kitchen: Its own bakery and herb garden

The Kranzbach offers an open-kitchen bakery right in the middle of the restaurant so guests also enjoy the amazing aromas of bread baking during their breakfast every morning. To bring the best to the guests, baker and master pastry chef Eberhard Holz starts his work day in the bakery at 2 A.M. every morning. “It’s always lovely to see how surprised and taken aback the guests are when they realize that we actually produce everything ourselves and our extensive selection really impresses them. We offer daily between 70 and 90 different sorts of bread, bread rolls and pastries. We use only the best of ingredients for what we produce here: Butter, fresh milk and cream for example. We don’t use flavor enhancers of any sort or convenience products and our guests are very appreciative because of that! In my opinion, what we are doing here is unique in Germany.”, Mr. Holz reports enthusiastically. Of course, all the cakes, strudels and artistic chocolate sortiments are made in-house. Mr. Holz is especially proud of our Anna, she is currently learning to be a pastry chef at the Kranzbach. Anna says: “Compared to my classmates from trade school my apprenticeship is very special, we offer a much larger assortment than a pastry shop and work with completely different size dimensions and amount of product. What I love the most is that I’m in direct contact with the guests and can answer questions or give recommendations.” Starting in September Anna will be supported by Marlena, our second apprentice in the patisserie.

This living kitchen philosophy is designed to contribute to the ongoing education of future culinary staff. The awareness of fresh, natural and healthy foods should be brought to the forefront and encouraged. Our apprentice chef Ulli treasures this the most during his education here he says. What he especially enjoys is working with ingredients from our own herb garden: “Our kitchen has a view directly on the herb garden, it’s fantastic. When we’re working and need something, we just step outside, pick it and work with it.”

The new herb garden has been in operation since spring 2019. It is a unique combination of herb garden, medicinal plants, flowers and vegetables. Those that benefit the most are of course the kitchen team, refining the dishes with the freshest of herbs and also the Spa department which utilizes the raw materials in their wonderful treatments.

“Everything that grows in our herb garden is put to use. We make salts, sugars, teas, hay pillows, bitters, dried flower mixes, seeds, plant powders for peelings, wild herb salad blends, edible flowers and much more. Our guests can also find our home-grown cucumbers and tomatoes right on the buffet. For September I am even starting a new project, we’d like to make hydrocortisone for our own bath salts.”, explains our herb fairy Susanne Erhart. She lovingly takes care of our approximately 130 different sorts of herbs and medicinal plants. The elevation of the Kranzbach at 1,030 m above sea level allows for a shorter growth period which makes the herb garden unique in its nature. Susanne enjoys our wild herb salad the best: “Well, you can’t get fresher than this!” she says laughing. Recently there was some special attention paid to our licorice explains Susanne: “The kitchen used licorice in a dish and the next day a guest rushed over to me in the herb garden asking all sorts of questions about this unusual plant. I think it’s just great we can awaken the senses of our guests.” Finally Susanne says with a smile: “If I had to sum up working here in one word, I’d have to say wonderful, just wonderful.”

The team supporting the Head chef comprises of around 25 people. In 2017 our kitchen was awarded a Wellness Aphrodite in the category of “Wellness Cuisine”! When asked how he would describe our kitchen team, chef Lukas laughingly says: “We’re a funny group and have a lot of fun with each other.”

Are you an ambitious chef with career aspirations? Would you like to work with Gregor Marx in the 5-star wellness hotel Das Kranzbach? We are always on the lookout for motivated staff who would like to join us. If you would like to apply directly, then take a look here for current job openings.

We are looking forward to it!


There are but just a few moments, where the body and soul can easily be brought to reconcile, such as through a fine meal. Our head chef and his team create the menu with fresh ingredients and regional products – enhanced and garnished with herbs from our own herb garden. Our extensive wine list rounds off a unique experience. Would you like to know more? Here you can find more information.