Cook Concern – Our story

The cookery profession is a craft.

The topic of cooking has become a ubiquitous trend, with a seemingly endless stream of cookery programmes, recipes, shows and books. Nowadays, it seems everyone is – or wants to be – an amateur chef.

But where can you find the real professionals and craftsmen and women who slave away in kitchens, who have learned their trade and practise it daily? Until now they have had to make do with general social networks which mix the personal with the professional, or with cross-sector career networks.

This gave rise to the idea of offering a bespoke, international network and careers portal that is exclusively tailored to professional chefs – connecting culinary professionals from different countries.

With Cook Concern we run an international network and careers portal exclusively for cooks, already offering the service in 8 languages.

Cooks create their own online profile, detailing their professional experience and qualifications, specialisations, references and much more from their specific area of expertise.

Personal chefs can benefit from an additional area to present and advertise their services, where they are able to present their menus and specialities separately and market them via a calendar function. We charge zero fees or commission for this. Contact with customers occurs with the personal chef directly and not via Cook Concern.

Cooks and personal chefs can use the portal free of charge.

We offer restaurants and catering companies the option of permanently presenting themselves as employers (team, kitchen, equipment…): For as long as their post is active, the price they pay includes the ability to advertise as many job vacancies as they wish. Presenting your business in this way is also a great basis for generating unsolicited applications.

Restaurants/catering properties and food trucks can be advertised on Cook Concern free of charge.

Culinary franchise concepts can be presented and advertised on Cook Concern.

Other features include blog posts, a calendar function with cooking competitions and food fairs as well as a cookery school navigator.