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Sudqi Naddaf, Executive Chef at Kempinski Hotel Mall of The Emirates

Sudqi Naddaf is a Jordanian chef of Palestinian origin, a professional in the Middle East and African regions of food production. He has been named “regional champion” for Kempinski Hotels in healthy food products. In this article we bring you a very engaging story.

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Mohanad AlShamali, Executive Chef at Bhar Restaurant, designed to awaken the senses

Mohanad Al-Shamali is one of the Middle East chefs who has been selected by the French Council for dairy products and the European Union to co-publish a book containing some of his recipes with a focus on his distinctive style of using the best of French butter products.

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Bastian Ballweg is Executive Chef at Phuket Marriott Resort

Bastian Ballweg is Executive Chef at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, in Thailand.

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Tom Yum Tuna Tartare by Bastian Ballweg

Bastian Ballweg, Executive Chef at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, shares his recipe for Thai-inspired tuna tartare.

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See here a recipe for cured salmon, sous vide by Jinu Abraham.

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Ravioli by Danielle Alvarez, head chef at Fred’s in Sydney

Danielle Alvarez is head chef at Fred’s in Sydney. She shares her recipe for ravioli.

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New-Old Ways in Agriculture and Farming

Monoculture and industrial farming techniques are the leading cause of environmental damage and degradation on the planet. But a group of scientists, farmers, ... more …


Ok, that's not official, but we challenge anyone to find bread more delicious than what chef Bledar Kola serves at his restaurant, Mullixhiu (which means 'the ... more …

A home-cooked meal in a wood-fired oven?

Only in Albania can you get a home-cooked meal, made from scratch and cooked as you watch in a wood-fired oven. You can also camp right on the farm here ... more …