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The Kranzbach, a 5-star wellness hotel, has been a top holiday and vacation spot since its opening in germany. Nestled into nature and harmony, exercise and wellness is also the kitchen’s philosophy and a corner for their success. Staying true to these principles is just as vital as the ongoing development of the concept.

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Melissa Manche, Peruvian Chef and Co-Owner of Tams House in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Peruvian Chef and Co-owner of “Tams House” in Plovdiv/ Bulgaria, Melissa Manche, studied at the Paul Bocuse Institute, trained in various international Michelin star restaurants, in love and married to a colleague shows us which interesting stories the life of cooks can write and what can develop from it. Her culinary journey that started in…

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Stephane Gortina is Executive Chef at The Restaurant at The Legian Seminyak, Bali

An elegant fusion of contemporary French and classic South East Asian cuisine – Michelin-starred Stephane Gortina, Executive Chef at The Restaurant at The Legian Seminyak, Bali, brings his enviable and inspiring international experience to his menu at this beachside dining hotspot.

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Una de las recetas de los tamales de la gran chef María Zúñiga. Un honor poder tenerla en CookConcern.

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Cebiche “It tastes like Peru” is chef Jhosef Arias’ recipe, makes four portions and it is the same cebiche that he serves in his restaurant Piscomar, in Madrid.

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Marinated mahi mahi palm tree and passion fruit by Stephane Gortina

Stephane Gortina, Executive Chef at The Restaurant at The Legian Seminyak, Bali, shares his recipe for marinated mahi mahi palm tree and passion fruit.

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He fled Albania at 15, look at him now!

After fleeing his home country when he was 15-years old, Bledar Kola returned home to Albania to help lead a food revolution, updating traditional cuisine while ... more

He Was a Refugee, Now He's The Boss!

Master Chef Fundim Gjepali fled his homeland of Albania to safety in Italy, where he and his family stayed for 15 years. Ultimately, fate led Fundim back home to ... more

10 Days Abroad: Albania

This is the teaser for our pilot episode of "10 Days Abroad." Join us as we travel to Albania to explore their country and their culture. more

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