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Casa Manila Restaurant

I believe that Filipino cuisine and culture deserves to be enjoyed by many non-Filipinos and Filipinos alike. It is about time!My hope is to amplify “what is Filipino” and celebrate the unique diversity of regional and cultural influences found in our food, décor, lifestyle, hospitality and people. Authentic Filipino cuisine cooked the classical way is a blending of cooking methods and ingredients from Spain, China, America, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Asia found in our many recipes, while remaining unmistakably Filipino. Preserving and promoting our culinary tradition is important to me and is expressed in CASA manila's signature recipes, family style dining, and especially in our tribal Kamayan feasting.I am inspired by “Lola’s (grandmother’s)” cooking in a time and a place when she went to the market daily to carefully select her ingredients for its freshness. Very early in the morning, she prepared the dishes for the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, all from scratch and freshly cooked for her family. In other words, the meals were prepared with love and care from recipes handed down from generation to generation.My culinary philosophy is called “Nature to Nurture”. Simply put, the least we tamper with Mother Nature’s goodness, the more our food will nurture our bodies. We limit the use of MSG, salt, artificial flavoured powders, processed ingredients, and oil. We take other labour intensive steps to make our dishes cleaner and healthier, without compromising the rich, full body of authentic, home-style cooking.We have brought Filipino cuisine into the 21st century by offering vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options and welcome those with allergy sensitivities, to make it more inclusive. I've also re-created traditional standards like pork sisig and came up with chicken sisig fries, which was featured on Food Network Canada among other of our recipes. Our very popular Ultimate Halo Halo available also as a Ultimately Colossal Halo Halo was featured on CBC radio, Blog T.O. and The Grid as the one to try. Our Calamansi Mojito, another CASA manila exclusive, is available in a cocktail or mocktail and has become our best selling beverage.CASA manila interior decor expresses the diversity of the Filipino cultural mosaic. My hope is to transport you to the Philippine Islands as soon as you walk through the doors. We celebrate our indigenous roots, our tropical geography, our provincial life, our Spanish and American colonial history, and Indo-Malay-Oriental influences through our artwork and furnishings in our 80 seat restaurant, right in the heart of North York.

Toronto, Kanada