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What is Macanese Food 

'Macau is the land of juxtaposition', and this is true from culture to race, to most importantly food. Macanese food is a unique evolution and blending of various distinct cultures. 

During the Portuguese spice trade, traders from Portugal landed in Macau - a small island just a short ferry ride from what is now Hong Kong. They settled in Macau and began forming roots, with many intermarriages along the way. The settlers stopped all across South East Asia, specifically in Malacca (Malaysia), Goa, and eventually settled in Macau. The food development was a natural one, with a foundation of Portuguese cuisine but with a strong influence from every port they stopped in, including the Chinese influence from the first settlers in Macau.  

The result is a delicious one, and the ‘world’s first fusion cuisine’. Think fresh seafood and salted cod (Portuguese staples), but cooked in spiced and flavourful sauces with coconut milk. Slow cooked chicken and meats, but in Portuguese and Chinese wine and soy. 

We feel that Macanese food brings out the best of fusion cuisine from Portugal and South East Asia, giving people of all tastes plenty of options to enjoy their comfort food, but also try something new. 


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Macau kitchen


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