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Nicat Babayev

Executive chef

 Nicat Babayev was born in Azerbaijan in 1992 and started to art at the age of 20.At age 20, he attended Gabala Tourism and Hotel Business Vocational Training Center and then gained valuable experience working at several reputable hotels.I am a member of the National Culinary Association since 2015. There are gold, silver, bronze and many diplomas in the culinary area.

Samuel Mervyn Rainey

Chef a Domiclio

Sono esperto nel confezionare su misura il pranzo o la cena per qualunque festa privata o evento, incluso matrimoni, battesimi e cresime in modo da esaudire esigenze e gusti di ogni tipo di clientela

Lloyd Roberts

Executive Chef

I’m a country boy, I grew up on a farm in Saint Mary Jamaica with my mother, father. In 1985, my parents when to America in search of a better life for our family. My grandmother taught me to eat and cook. It was there I fell in love with food—fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and all the different spices from my country. I love the warmth of our local Jamaican flavours that are in the street from all the different food vendors. Since my departure from Jamaica, I’ve lived, trained, and cooked all over New York City. I have live in New York City for over 18 years before I started to travel and work. I have work in some of the best restaurants in NYC, and learned so much from some superstar chefs and Restaurateur. Chef Nobu gave me the greatest opportunity to open two location of Nobu restaurant, Moscow, Budapest, because of this opportunity; I have worked in London, Moscow, and Budapest, Ukraine and Dubai Wherever I go, I always want to cook both globally and locally. My background in cooking started off with French and Asian cuisines. I started my career as a waiter then when to culinary school to study the art of cooking. My first trip into the real world of cooking was working for Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. That’s where my love for fusion cooking started, working for Chef Jean-Georges remains one of my most influential culinary experiences, and I’ve since adopted is cooking style and bold flavours to my cooking repertoire. Everything I cook has to have a flavour inside of it.

Eduardo González


Chef de cocina moderno y dinámico, especializado en cocina internacional, mexicana, asiática, mediterránea y pastelería. Con conocimiento de cocina moderna y de mercado al manejar toda clase de técnicas culinarias y la correcta utilización de texturizantes. cocina

Stefano Dalla Valentina


Inventivo, creativo e passione queste sono le mie specialità oltre all'organizzazione e all'amore per la cucina.

Yohan Da Costa


I'am always looking for new discoveries&nbsp;<br>

Rafał Drobniak

Executive Chef

Rafał Drobniak- Szef Kuchni- Kreatywny i utalentowany Szef Kuchni, który poprzez swój, niepowtarzalny smak, wykorzystuje każdą okazję do kreowania niezrównanego doświadczenia kulinarnego dla swoich Gości. Otwarty na nowe pomysły, uwielbia prezentować lokalne produkty wyróżniające się świeżością i sposobem przygotowania. Moimi wzorami do naśladowania są Grant Achatz, Heston Blumenthal oraz Daniel Humm.

Mauro Gonzalez

Chef ejecutivo

Serio ,responsable ,profesional ,educado y don de gente

Danilo Dellotto

Executive chef

Sempre alla ricerca del particolare, lavorando con la tradizione

wenford simpson

Corporate executive chef

Chef Wenford Patrick Simpson Armed with an international flare and a penchant for comfort food, Chef Patrick quickly disarms you with his charm and tenacity for excellence. Imagine a food experience like no other. A dish bursting with infused spices, tender cuts and the freshest herbs. My passion is to take you on that journey of flavors...Each taste entices, but satisfies; tempts, but fulfills... Your dining experience awaits, only to be found at the tables of...

Joseph Fisher

Executive Chef

Experienced executive chef, working in a boutique hotel in Scotland after having worked In all fields of catering including running large events, high end fine dining and quality corporate staff dining.&nbsp;<br>Looking to now branch out into the private chef area also to creat dynamic dinners in a more personal setting.

Juan José Osorio Pradilla

Profesional Gastronómico con 14 años de experiencia en dirección de cocinas a nivel hotelero, industrial, restaurantes y docencia.

Sasha Mourullo

Chef prive

Soy un chico joven de 20 años que empezó desde muy abajo en la cocina, y poco a poco he ido creciendo.

Marek Kühnel

Executive chef

Jsme mladý, ambiciózní chlapec, kterému osud připravil tak skvělou príležitost stát se kuchařem, a tak možnost dělat něco, co člověk dokáže milovat, žít pro to a hlavne být každým dnem lepším...

Fernando Fontanella

Chef / Técnico universitario en gastronomía y alta cocina

Enamorado de los sabores // pasión por aprender !!!