Hledat kuchaře

Josip Seke


I am a young Serbian cook, currently studying gastronomy at University of Novi Sad. I have one more year until graduation. For me gastronomy means science, foraging and art. I have seven years expirience of working in the kitchen. Last working expirience which left trace is in a fine dinning restaurant called New Balcan Cuisine in Belgrade. I am a member of Molecular Gastronomy of Novi Sad. At the moment I am working in a restaurant called Bistro La Mer in Novi Sad. My moto is ,,We are the revolution, we are part of the solution".

Marko Curcic


Hardworker..always happy..always learning new stuff..

Marko Pantovic


Creative, team player, eager to learn new culinary techniques..

Goran Gasparovski

Chef de cuisine

I'm a young Serbian chef from city of Novi Sad whose main goal in life is to give his contribution to the world (especially to gastronomy world). I'm very creative, passionate, vary active, diligent guy who is a little bit crazy (who isn't?). I have worked in culinary industry for 6 years now and I'm studying gastronomy at University of Novi Sad. Currently I'm working in small restaurant in Novi Sad called AVAN (which means mortar) where I'm trying to revive old traditional recipes and techniques unique to my county and to present it in new modern way. Besides this I'm working very hard on improving gastronomy situation and conscience in schools, universities, and in public as general. I'm one of few young culinary ambassadors of Serbia, big part of my countries culinary associations and WACS (WorldCHEF) as whole. I love to learn, meet and talk with other people. Greetings to all colleagues, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Dusica Obrenovic

cook/assistent chef

Hello everyone, my name is Dusica. I'm a student of gastronomy at University of Novi Sad. My main goal is to learn as much as posible about different cuisine's and use all that knowledge to make dishes that are both healthy and delicious. Something else that you should know about me is that I don't have much experiance working in a kitchen but I compensate that with hard work and passion that I have for this job and I'm a quick learner when it comes to things that I'm interested in.

Đorđe Petrović


I'm an enthusiasts, who wanted to be a chef since childhood. I went to med high school and biology faculty. Now that I'm finished with my formal education, I returned to my first love - kitchen. I am a chef now.

Miloš Jeličić

chef / chef assistant

Greetings to all colleagues! I'm studying gastronomy at university of Novi Sad. Besides studying, I'm working in the kitchen. I'm always ready for action. I like to help others. I love teamwork. I love to make friendships with people, and especially with colleagues from this profession. I like to learn something new in this profession, and I'm always open for new ideas!

Novica Bijeljic

cook/chefs assistant

I'm 25 years old, I currently go on college in Novi Sad. I'm on my final year on Gastronomy at Natural siences in Novi Sad, and I work as cook in local restaurant Projetct 72 Wine&Deli.