Ricardo Cabrera, Professional chef

Ricardo Cabrera

Professional chef

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The professional experience begins in 1997 as kitchen assistant of the Gran Hotel el Golf (Trujillo, Peru), learning from great cooks of the other and famous Hotel Crillon de Lima, this experience was decisive to start studying this race; Entered In of the first Peruvian institutes of cuisine, high school of gastronomy and hospitality, Gastrotur (2000-2002), with teachers graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, ICIF from Italy among others. 
I traveled to Spain and I perfected in renowned hotels in Gran Canaria: Sheraton, Riu, Meliá, Barceló. On 2010 I traveled to San Sebastián to reinforce knowledge in Martín Berasategui restaurant with three Michelin stars, months later I traveled to Peru and discovered its great gastronomic pantry. A cluster of ideas and concepts left me Lima Restaurant (London) a Michelin star, captained by the chef Virgilio Martínez in turn owner of Central Restaurant-50 Best 2018 with the 6th place, and 2đo in the 50 Best Latin America. 
Experience gained over time is valuable; Able to define the problem, search and execute the best solutions. With a set of theoretical-practical-ethical knowledge concerning quality, handling, conservation, selection of inputs and raw materials in general, costs of food and beverages; Since these mechanisms are general and are framed in the world market whose sole objective is to achieve a quality

El aficionado a la cocina como el alquimista no busca un objetivo material, sino espiritual: su fin no es el oro vulgar, no es la satisfacción biológica de hambre, sino un oro interior, una forma de alimentar el espíritu, el cual goza y crece con una sublimación del gusto
                                                                             Londres, 12 de febrero 2015


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Peruvian gastronomic concept 

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Professional chef

Le Condon Bleu Perú and Gastrotur · San Isidro, Lima, Perú · 02/2000 – 02/2002


Finalist in the television contest “anticucho con corazón “ whit the master chef Gastón Acurio 

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